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Radio Omnicor

Oct 7, 2019

In this episode we chat with Sharon Kalinko, psychologist and Transactional Analysis (TA) expert. She recently visited South Africa from the UK on a whirl wind 3-week lecture tour. This episode provides a clear and easy to understand intro to TA. Due to its inherent complexity as a topic it would be impossible to unpack this model in its entirety, but we do cover a lot of ground. From life positions, games people play, to discounting. Sharon’s excellent teaching style and use of clear examples makes the perfect combination to create a very enriching episode. One that you will find easy to apply in your own life or can be utilised as a coach, leader or consultant.


I have over 30 years of experience working with many different people and issues and I can listen without getting involved on a personal level so that I can use my many skills to help you. My sole purpose is to support your growth and development to deal effectively with your life and overcome your difficulties. My passion is to help people become more functional and effective in their relationships at work and at home.

Since I work integratively, I am trained in many different methods of psychotherapy. The therapeutic relationship is of prime importance and I see you in your family and social context. My therapy is sometimes long term and at other times short term depending on the client and the issue. I always make a contract for the work we will do together.

I focus on being fully present with you by being attuned to your relational needs and staying aware of how you feel, think and behave, taking into account how old you are and how old you are feeling, as well as your attachment patterns. As a Transactional Analyst, I work with repetitive patterns and relationships.

Call or Email Sharon Kalinko -07480 488715


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