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Radio Omnicor

Oct 16, 2020


Episode 36

Re-calculating Leadership & Culture

Curtis Loehmer



Show Notes


Many traditional leadership and coaching providers have had to figure out if their business is still viable after the devasting impact of lockdown and Covid. These services historically done face to face and often off site have become very tricky to deliver on line. So, if these products are still relevant then how to deliver them becomes the problem to solve for. Curtis and his team have grappled with just that and have transitioned by reskilling themselves and experimenting with online training. Curtis is a real tonic; his positive and generous nature will uplift you and leave you with some tips to support your teams in this new world of work. I found his metaphor of the GPS to define the best strategy very helpful. Its time to recalculate!


More about our guest 

Curtis Loehmer is a compelling keynote speaker and advisor on high performance and leadership. He has spoken to audiences across the African continent and advocates that few things are as powerful as building momentum that transforms the trajectory of a person, team, and organization. In addition to founding the non-profit platform, ‘The Mental Gains Network’ in which he interviews some of South Africa’s top athletes and coaches, Curtis is part of the team of Directors at LeadStrong Business Consulting with his main focus being People and Performance. At LeadStrong he is also known as ‘The Quarterback’ for his ability to take a key topic and communicate (throw) it in a way that the audience can receive (catch) the message and run with it in their lives.



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