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Radio Omnicor

May 7, 2021

Show Notes

Episode 40: Permission to Speak up!

Vincent Rossignol


If you coach/lead or consult I am guessing you have been in meetings recently where the topic of psychological safety inevitably comes up. This has been on Vincent Rossignol’sradar too, so much so that he opted to make it the topic of his research for his master’s degree in Organisational anBusiness Psychology, titled Servant leadership, power distance and employee voice”. The value and timing of this research can not be underestimated. Harvard business review published a study demonstrating that, despite having grievance mechanisms in place, more than 50% of the workforce of a given company did not feel safe to speak-up.  This episode introduces the ideas of Employee voice and the value of both promotive and prohibitive voice.


Vincent has worked for Novartis for the past 17 years, across different locations (Switzerland, Spain and South Africa). Hestarted his career in Finance and was CFO for our Sub-Saharan Africa organization before moving into general management roles. He now heads up the Southern African Cluster for Novartis, a new unit that focuses on creating impact by driving patient access to quality drugs in the region. He holds a Corporate MBA from ESADE (Spain) and iscompleting his MSc in Organisational and Business Psychology from the University of Liverpool. He is the proud dad of a beautiful 2 year old daughter. He is passionate about helping people fulfil their potential, which is what has driven him towards general management roles, and business psychology/coaching. He considers himself a bit of a nerd and will spend his time reading/studying during his free time.

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