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Radio Omnicor

Aug 23, 2018

We have a full studio today, in his usual chair is Dr Hilton Rudnick -Omnicor’s MD, our guests are Janko Kotze and Ian Chauvet both practising organisational Psychologists with impressive pedigrees in the world of business and sports.

Leaders and high performing teams can learn so much from the All Blacks model. The idea of accepting our fans high expectations can be applied to our customers too. The Omnicor Leadership Development Programme carries content similar to this episode, you can find more information on our website. 

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Thanks to William Irwin our producer

Janko Kotzé, Managing Director and Industrial Psychologist, Human Interest 

Janko is an Industrial Psychologist and holds a master’s Degree in Industrial and Organisational Psychology at Unisa (Cum Laude). He is the Founder of Human Interest, a leading talent management consulting firm that partners with organisations to create a high-performing, integrated talent ecosystem – characterised by highly motivated, engaged and committed people. He has extensive consulting experience and has designed and delivered people solutions across the globe. He is passionate about the principles of high performance and engagement, and has successfully partnered with Olympians, Sports Teams, Leadership Teams and Organisations to achieve their objectives. He is a sought-after speaker and has delivered key-note addresses across South Africa.

Ian Chauvet, Principal, Human Interest

Ian holds a master’s Degree in Industrial and Organisational Psychology at Unisa (Cum Laude). He has worked in several organisations and has extensive consulting experience across multiple industries in the fields of Human Resources Management, Talent Management and Change Management. Ian is a Principal at Human Interest where he leads the design and delivery of global projects. Apart from deep technical expertise, Ian has vast general management experience – specifically providing leadership and management expertise to an emerging business in the ITC sector. Ian is currently a PhD candidate at UNISA where he is exploring the overlap between Industrial and Organisational Psychology, Sport Psychology and the performance of the New Zealand rugby team. He is passionate about finding that elusive sweet spot in organisations between people, processes and technology – creating winning teams and businesses.

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