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Radio Omnicor

May 7, 2021

Show Notes

Episode 40: Permission to Speak up!

Vincent Rossignol


If you coach/lead or consult I am guessing you have been in meetings recently where the topic of psychological safety inevitably comes up. This has been on Vincent Rossignol’sradar too, so much so that he opted to make it the topic of his research for...

Mar 29, 2021


Episode 39: Leader as Coach


Show Notes


During these unprecedented times, compassionate Leadership is in more demand than ever. Remote working and the new emerging ground rules have placed more pressure on Leaders to be agile and innovate their approach.

Re-contracting boundaries and expectations together with...

Jan 22, 2021


Episode 38


The Full Time Optimist : Q&A with Dr Rudnick


Show Notes


Take a listen to our own MD Dr Rudnick in the hot seat, usually he is the co-host, putting our guests through their paces. In this episode we did something different, for one we have a guest co-host Suliman Chothia who always brings a light and...