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Radio Omnicor

Aug 8, 2018

In studio today is our all woman line up - Dr Ann Carvalho and Adeline Pillay. Ann is a Counselling Psychologist who has completed her doctorate which focuses on Woman In Leadership titled ‘Constructions of career progression by woman leaders in a corporate context ‘ and Adeline who has attended the Omnicor WLDP programme and now works for Schneider Electric in HR. Adeline is passionate about redress and empowerment for all minority groups and she is working hard together with her L&D team to empower women.

Change in policy does not mean reform and our current statistics are a call to action, we need more women in executive leadership, this is backed by solid science and businesses who ignore this do so at their own peril.

Omnicor’s Woman in Leadership Programme, Lead by Dr Ann Carvalho is transformation for both the individuals and the organisations find more info about our programme on our website If you like this episode please subscribe and comment our website for our blog and previous episodes.

Dr Ann Carvalho:

Adeline Pillay


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Thank you to William Irwin our producer