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Radio Omnicor

Jul 8, 2019

Episode 28


My Father’s Coat.


In this episode we have a double treat in store not only do we have our multitalented guest Michael Charton, but Muitheri Wahome long-time friend of Omnicor, polymath compliments the conversation perfectly as our co-host

Attending “My father’s coat” was a profound experience for me, I left both speechless and meaningfully engaged with my history, I am planning to take my children and highly recommend his show- especially South Africans. Michael is a South African hero, living his purpose with humility and commitment.



Michael Charton completed his articles and left to work in the US in mergers and acquisitions before returning to South Africa. He then worked as a Financial Director in the media and advertising industry. It was here that his evolution from accountant to storyteller was crystalized. He resigned from his job as a financial director, in order to realise a decade-old idea: To transform the complex history of South Africa through the medium of a story: MY FATHER’S COAT. In the process he founded INHERIT SOUTH AFRICA, to reveal untold stories from the past for edutainment, understanding, and nation-building.

Michael literally climbs into the shoes of five protagonists (Mzilikazi, Kruger, Rhodes, Smuts, and Mandela) and tells their respective, interlinked stories over a period of 200 years.

The genius of his story is how – over a period of 90 compelling minutes – he introduces each of these characters in a way that lures you under their spell as he seemingly embraces their beliefs and biases.




Our co-host Muitheri is a financial services professional with a deep interest in the history and lore of the investment industry in South (Southern) African industry. Her particular interest is in tracking the arc of history in order to be able to help facilitate the maturation of this transforming industry, by being informed by the past.  If you enjoyed this episode please subscribe to the podcast and share your comments are very important to us check out our website for our blog and previous episodes.