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Radio Omnicor

Nov 18, 2019

Title: Career Moves

Episode 31


In this episode our guests Prof Zac Nel and Caleb explore the relevance and best approach for career counselling. Caleb is currently completing a dual honours in Philosophy and Film and TV at Wits, he describes his difficulty with choosing a  career and what happens when you get to the end of your studies and still done know where to go in the world of work.


 A golden theme that dominates the life of Prof Zak Nel, is his passion for career counselling. This includes the theoretical models, practical methods and psychometric materials that are associated with career counselling.

Prof Nel not only trained a generation of Counselling Psychologists, but he also developed specialised research knowledge of career counselling instruments and the use of career counselling information. These are continually being refined and are further enhanced by an intuitive dimension, which has developed through 40 years’ of personal research.

Convinced of the merits of professional career counselling, Prof Nel practices as Counselling Psychologist and is registered with the South African Health Profession Council.

Nature of Career Counselling

Prof Zak Nel practices a comprehensive method of career counselling. In this he integrates the dominant international models of career counselling, fusing it with his life experience and his knowledge of school and university education. In addition, he also bears in mind the post-modern world of work and organisations.

His comprehensive approach to career counselling incorporates the use and interpretation of psychometric instruments, focused career counselling interviewing and especially utilising tertiary study and occupational information.Grade 9-learners making subject choices;

Grade 10, 11 and 12 learners positioning themselves for all formats of tertiary education and training, including studying overseas;

Assisting students with the selection processes associated with admission into professional areas of study such as medicine

University students re-aligning their study options and graduates entering the workplace and

Adults re-entering the career arena, making alternative career choices and changes and the planning of post-graduate studies.


Prof Nel can be contacted on 082 680 9235


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