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Radio Omnicor

Feb 4, 2022

Covid, Culture & Companies


We caught up with Colin from the happy sandpit fame for our second episode with him and as to be expected he did not disappoint. We always value the openness and authentic conversations we have, during this episode Colin reflects on the past 3 years and how he had to pivot his business to survive. Helpful ideas on the evolving world of work and engagement.




Colin is the founder of Happy Sandpit, which helps organisations to interpret, define and embed culture and leadership philosophies and practices to drive employee engagement. He is the author of How to build a Happy Sandpit, the originator of the Three-Day Culture Field Trip, and inventor of the Iceberg! employee engagement game. He has lectured on the topics of culture, engagement and leadership at local and international business schools including Wits Business School, GIBS and the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland). Colin is married with three daughters and lives in Johannesburg.




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