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Radio Omnicor

Mar 22, 2022

Episode 47 - From Profit to Purpose 


This episode was a global endeavour with Terri Soller dialling in from Sydney and Gaby Rajak and I in SA. Both guests are seasoned Organisational Development (OD) Practioners with whom we are currently piloting a new workshop for Coaches and OD Practioners. We discuss the changing role of the OD Practioner in the new world of work and why we can never go back to the pre-pandemic organisational structure.


Disruption caused by Covid-19 has provided valuable opportunities for learning and leadership. But how do we make sure it is seen by organisations that way? Being visible in a remote workplace can be tricky, or has it even changed? We’ve shared what we’re hearing from our clients and coachees, and one theme coming out strongly is how businesses seem to have moved from profit to purpose with covid amplifying what already existed in our teams and organisations. Using deep curiosity to make sense of the change uncovers that we are all more resourceful than we know. The conversation was both reflective and forward looking, leaving me enthused and full of hope!




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