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Radio Omnicor

Feb 1, 2017

Welcome to the second episode of Radio Omnicor – our podcast about the science of business!

At Omnicor, we’re driven to understand as much as possible in the current organisational and people development space. Each episode will feature fascinating guests who will share tools and the latest thinking to help grow your own career or improve your team or business.

Today we speak with Hilton Rudnick about climate surveys – also known as engagement surveys – about the importance of understanding the people in your organisation, and then we discuss the oxymoron-sounding idea of “planned happenstance” with Marcel Harper.


Hosts: Colleen McLintock – Head of People Development (LinkedIn –
Length: 30:38
Format: Mp3


Introduction with Colleen: 00:00 –  00:55
Climate Surveys with Hilton Rudnick: 00:56 – 08:20
Planned Happenstance with Marcel Harper: 08:26 – 30:38


Planned Happenstance: Turning Adversity into Opportunity – Download as PDF

Hilton Rudnick: Omnicor Articles ( | LinkedIn (

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