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Radio Omnicor

Sep 8, 2017

Welcome to episode 9 of Radio Omnicor – our podcast about the science of business!

At Omnicor, we’re driven to understand as much as possible in the current organisational and people development space. Each episode will feature fascinating guests who will share tools and the latest thinking to help grow your own career or improve your team or business.

Prof Hennie Kriek, CEO of TTS and highly acclaimed academic, is in studio with Colleen Mclintock, Hilton Rudnick and Marcel Harper.

In this panel interview format, the discussion looks back into the practice of psychometrics, and to the future – or where it may end up. The current practice of online assessments is unpacked and Prof explains the pros and cons… some which may surprise you.

You will learn about the hurdle process and how the simple honesty contract can mitigate risk. This episode is for all those who work with psychometrics and want to get a behind the scenes understanding, explaining best practice and the challenges that face our industry.

It’s especially appealing to the hard-core professional who deals with psychometrics in the corporate landscape. It’s a technical podcast, but very palatable for non-psychologist-types too.


Host: Colleen McLintock – Head of People Development (LinkedIn –
Length: 1:06:10
Format: mp3


Introduction with Colleen: 00:00 – 01:05
Interview with Professor Hennie Kriek: 01:05 – 01:05:28
Outro: 01:05:28 – 1:06:10


Professor Hennie Kriek: LinkedIn (