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Radio Omnicor

Aug 26, 2019

Episode 29


The Presentation Fixer


In this episode we focus on business presentation and personal branding from Beth Ann Galvin. In today’s business environment, it is a given that business executives must have the ability to speak with confidence and have the skill to inspire and influence colleagues, investors and clients. 

Beth Ann has made it her life’s work to assist executives and leading influencers to improve their business presentation abilities, refine their presentation personas and ensure that their communication efforts are both distinctive and effective. The feedback Beth Ann receives is that her dedication to helping people make an impact every time they speak in public has earned her a reputation of being “The Presentation Fixer”.

As the Founder and MD of Business Communication Skills Holdings, Beth Ann has spent the last 33 years overseeing the delivery of market-leading, top quality skills development training in Strategic Business Presentation, Communication, Sales and Influencing Skills to many of South Africa’s Top 200 companies as well as several multinationals. She has adopted tried and tested coaching techniques and training methods to help corporate professionals and senior executives to become proficient in the area of public speaking and interpersonal communication. This is a very useful practical episode that may well motivate you to revisit your presentation skills. Reach out to our guest for more info.


Podcast:   The Presentation Fix