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Radio Omnicor

Mar 4, 2020

Episode 33

The Art of Customer Experience

We are thrilled to host Brendon Bairstow-Klopper. He is currently up from Cape town to facilitate a masterclass in Customer Experience. Brendon is a Director at N’Lighten and customer experience specialist.


Brendon Bairstow-Klopper


Brendon Bairstow-Klopper has more than 17 years’ experience in various customer service fields. He has effectively translated his insights into actionable strategies for various global clients, with a strong focus on interventions that will improve the customer experience. His understanding of how vital a role the customer experience plays in securing sustainable success for any organisation makes Brendon much sought-after as a strategic and training partner.

His diverse customer service and experience background, particularly in the hospitality sector, affords him an in-depth understanding of the expectations of clients and consumers, while his strong strategic abilities, keen business insights, and change facilitation expertise give him the ability to convert theoretical knowledge into practical action with successful outcomes.