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Radio Omnicor

Jul 27, 2020

Episode 34 Show Notes


The Nature of Proactivity (feat) Prof Tom Bateman


In this episode we have the distinct pleasure of hosting Professor Tom Bateman from the US. This is our first fully online podcast and we are thrilled to back and recording. The episode covers the construct of Proactivity as it relates to leadership, climate change and personal effectiveness in general.

Our co-hosts in this episode include Dr Hilton Rudnick Omnicor’s MD and Amy Goble our current Industrial Psychology Intern.

This is an inspiring message; Leadership requires more proactivity that reactivity


If you are keen to find out how proactive you are, send a mail to Hilton

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More about our amazing guest Prof Bateman


Leadership Article:


Book mentioned by Prof Bateman – Proactivity at Work: Sharon Parker and Uta Bindl