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Radio Omnicor

Oct 12, 2017

Welcome to episode 10 of Radio Omnicor – our podcast about the science of business!

At Omnicor, we’re driven to understand as much as possible in the current organisational and people development space. Each episode will feature fascinating guests who will share tools and the latest thinking to help grow your own career or improve your team or business.

Farai Madzima, UX trailblazer, is in studio with Colleen Mclintock and Marcel Harper in what can only be described as our hippest episode so far!

You may think design and UX does not necessary apply to your world, but in this episode Farai will leave you reconsidering how you interact with your customers and what drives your customer experience. Design Thinking uses logic and imagination to explore possibilities of what could be, and ultimately deliver a successful outcome that thrills your customer. You will learn why design thinking must be incorporated into the company strategy and that it is more than just fonts and colours. Episode 10 rocks all the elements of edutainment!


Host: Colleen McLintock – Head of People Development (LinkedIn –
Length: 55:09
Format: mp3


Introduction with Colleen: 00:00 – 01:56
Interview with Farai Madzima: 01:56 – 53:58
Outro: 53:58 – 55:09


Farai Madzima: LinkedIn ( & Twitter(
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