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Radio Omnicor

Jan 22, 2021


Episode 38


The Full Time Optimist : Q&A with Dr Rudnick


Show Notes


Take a listen to our own MD Dr Rudnick in the hot seat, usually he is the co-host, putting our guests through their paces. In this episode we did something different, for one we have a guest co-host Suliman Chothia who always brings a light and fun energy to any conversation and secondly we have curated interview questions from our team and beyond. Its light, fresh and surprising at times. Find out random facts about Hilton, from his definition of leadership to how he moved from coder to psychologist!




Dr Hilton Rudnick


Hilton is currently the Managing Director at Omnicor. He was previously a lecturer in psychology at the University of Johannesburg where he obtained his doctorate and completed his training as a therapist. He was subsequently involved in the training of psychological practitioners during his stint at the university, and also ran a private practice for over 10 years. Hilton has published several journal articles and has a strong interest in psychological science. He is co-host a regular podcast with Colleen McLintock.


Suliman Chothia:



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