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Radio Omnicor

May 18, 2022

Episode 48 - The Blueprint of a Leader’s Psyche

There is a fine line between coaching and therapy and often leaders enter coaching to deal with emotional regulation and self-awareness, typically seen as therapy. Our guest Grant introduces us to the Schema Theory framework which provides a valuable model to use in coaching for this exact situation. The approach helps leaders better understand themselves and what drives their behaviour in the boardroom and various work situations. He unpacks fight/flight and freeze in a very insightful way. This is one to bookmark and relisten, jam packed with new and interesting content.

Guest Bio:

Grant Strong

“I am a clinical psychologist with 10 years’ experience providing consultation, evaluation & psychotherapy. Throughout my career I have consulted with clients in hospital, clinic, private practice & organisational settings.

I am experienced in psychometric evaluation, reporting and project management. In the corporate space I partner with L&D practitioners to provide leadership development & executive coaching to emerging, middle & senior leaders. As a consultant I also train front-line managers on employee wellness & managing mental health in the workplace”


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