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Radio Omnicor

Feb 22, 2023

Episode 49 The Journey of a Lifelong Learner

Dr Gloria Mailmela is a seasoned professional with a diverse and impressive career track record. She has demonstrated versatility and adaptability, excelling in a range of industries and roles throughout her career. Her unique blend of technical and interpersonal skills allows her to effectively navigate complex projects and lead teams to success. Dr Gloria is recognised for her innovative thinking, problem-solving abilities, and relentless drive to continuously learn and grow. Today we chat with Dr Gloria about her impressive accomplishments and reputation as a leader and how her journey of the road less travelled guided her along the way. You will leave feeling inspired and most likely want to sign up for a course or new job!


Our Co-Host Dr Anne Carvalho makes for a brighter conversation

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DM @sistermac423 if you would like to engage further.


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